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FinOps X 2024 Recap: Highlights, Booth Fun, and Key Takeaways!

Originally Published July, 2024
FinOpsX2024 Recap

FinOps X 2024 in San Diego was nothing short of spectacular for the ProsperOps team! 🌞 

To give a bit of background, FinOps X is an annual event focused on financial operations (FinOps) in the cloud industry, bringing together professionals from finance, technology, and operations to share best practices and strategies for cloud cost optimization. Hosted by the FinOps Foundation, it’s the ultimate gathering for anyone involved in FinOps to share knowledge, learn from industry leaders, and network with peers.

For the last two years, the ProsperOps team has had the privilege of experiencing this event, and this year was no exception. As a Gold Sponsor for the past two years, we were proud to support and be part of this incredible gathering. From engaging sessions to fun booth activities, we made the most of every moment. Catch the FinOpsX 2024 Recap to have a glimpse of all the fun and learning team ProsperOps experienced!

ProsperOps at FinOps X 24

Our team of 14 was ready to enjoy the excitement of FinOps X 2024. We connected with great people, enjoyed great food, and expanded our network. The energy was infectious, and every interaction added to the fun and learning.

Connecting Over Coffee and Conversations

One of the best parts of the event was the networking. We met a diverse crowd, from small business owners to top executives from large enterprises. It was fantastic to exchange ideas, share feedback, and compare notes with Cloud FinOps professionals. Some were new to ProsperOps and couldn’t believe we now manage over $2 billion in commitments and have returned over $1.2 billion in savings!

Star Attraction: Our Booth Was a Hit!

Always great to engage with friends, colleagues, partners and prospects on the expo floor. Our booth became a popular spot, with attendees eager to see and hear how our rate optimization product can reduce your cloud costs without any ongoing effort. The interactions were lively, and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. 

Games and Swag

Our booth wasn’t just about business; we made sure to add a dash of fun too! One of the highlights was our candy jar guessing game. Attendees had a blast trying to guess the number of candies in the jar, with the closest guess winning an exciting reward. The competition was fierce, and it was great to see everyone getting involved and having a good time. 

We also shared some exciting swag packs with our visitors, hats, ProsperOps branded socks, and t-shirts. The combination of fun activities, cool swag, and informative demos made our booth the place to be, and we loved every moment of it.

Erik’s Epic Session: Insights from Our Chief Product Officer

Erik Carlin, our co-founder and Chief Product Officer, delivered an engaging session about “Doing More with Less: Skyrocket Your Savings with Automated Rate Optimization.” Together with Hitesh, VP and Director of Cloud Optimization at FactSet, they shared FactSet’s journey over the past two-plus years towards achieving greater FinOps maturity using ProsperOps’ fully automated FinOps platform.

Erik highlighted how reducing cloud waste and managing commitment plans has become a top priority, as noted in the State of FinOps 2024 report. He explained how ProsperOps plays a crucial role in automating commitment management and optimizing users’ Effective Savings Rate (ESR) – a powerful metric introduced by us. Stay tuned for the session recording, which we’ll share soon!

The Key Takeaways from FinOpsX 2024!

FinOps X 2024 was an incredibly informative event, packed with insightful sessions and valuable discussions on cloud financial management. Summing up the entire event in one segment is tough, but here are the highlights:

  1. FOCUS Adoption: All three major cloud vendors announced the adoption of the FinOps Open Cost and Usage Specification (FOCUS). This move aims to simplify cost and usage data across multiple clouds, making it easier for organizations to manage and optimize their cloud spend. However, it’s important to note that custom pricing agreements for enterprise customers can pose challenges, potentially limiting the effectiveness of FOCUS in some scenarios. Ultimately, the success of FOCUS will depend on future possibilities and emerging optimization trends.
  2. Repatriation Trend: Another notable trend in the industry is “Repatriation”  – moving workloads back to on-premises. This underscores how expensive cloud services can become without proper governance and discount automation, highlighting the need for proactive cloud cost management.
  3. FinOps Automation: Automation in FinOps is on the rise and expected to continue growing. According to the State of FinOps 2024 report by FinOps Foundation, “Enabling automation” increased in priority for FinOps teams, ahead of “Empowering engineers to take action.” It is making cloud cost management more efficient and effective, enabling teams to focus on strategic decision-making rather than manual processes.
  4. Cost and Commitment Management: This year emphasized more than ever how critical and complex cost and commitment management have become. The State of FinOps 2024 report also supported this with statistics specifying that reducing cloud waste and managing commitments emerged as the top priorities for FinOps teams in 2024.
  5. Education and Culture: Establishing a strong FinOps culture and investing in education are foundational. Building this culture helps optimize cloud spending and fosters a collaborative environment focused on continuous improvement in FinOps practices.
  6. SaaS Cost Visibility and Optimization: With many customers relying heavily on SaaS products and spending significantly on them, the demand for better governance to control these costs is rising. Organizations are seeking enhanced visibility and optimization of their SaaS expenditures to ensure maximum value and minimize waste.

Annual 8-bit Bash: The After-Party Everyone Loved!

ProsperOps, in collaboration with CloudZero and Xosphere, hosted its second annual 8-bit after-party, and it was a blast (that is an understatement, to be honest)! The moment the doors opened, the venue hit full capacity within minutes, setting the stage for an unforgettable night of retro fun and excitement.

The party was a nostalgic trip down memory lane with eight old-school cabinet video games that had everyone feeling like kids again. The neon air hockey table was a hit, drawing crowds for friendly yet fierce competitions. 

Adding to the electric atmosphere, a DJ spun classic beats that kept the dance floor alive and buzzing. Attendees enjoyed delicious food, refreshing drinks, and the thrill of winning prizes, enhancing the festive vibe. The night was filled with laughter and cheers! We surely can’t get enough of these happy moments.

But it wasn’t all just games and dancing – the party also provided a fantastic opportunity for networking. Attendees mingled, shared stories, and made new connections in a lively, relaxed setting. The combination of nostalgic games, energetic music, and vibrant social interactions made the 8-bit after-party an event to remember.

One of the other standout attractions was the 360º video booth, where attendees captured their best dance moves and party moments in a fun, interactive way. 

For those who found the ProsperPops kiosk at our 8-bit Afterparty, we hope you enjoyed an ice-cold treat!

What’s Next?

This isn’t a goodbye, just a “see you next year”! We’re already looking forward to next year’s event with the same enthusiasm but with even more fun and memorable moments. We can’t wait to reconnect and share more insights in the ever-evolving world of FinOps.

Until then, why not keep the momentum going? 

Book a demo with us to see how ProsperOps can transform your cloud financial management. Let’s keep the conversation going and make cloud cost optimization a breeze!



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