Our difference

The cloud constantly evolves and so should the strategies and tools used to optimize it.

We specialize in reserved instance savings

While there are multiple ways of optimizing cloud spend (we're a fan of them all), we focus on RIs - the financial tools that trade term commitment for discount.

In our experience, RIs are used to cover an average of only 15-20% of EC2 instance-hours, which means savings rates are significantly lower than the 30-70% advertised.

Current methodologies aren't cutting it, so let's do better.

A representation of the variables in an AWS RI, such as class, type, scope, tenancy, AZ, term, instance type, and platform.

We use AI algorithms to deliver outcomes, not recommendations

ProsperOps is part of a class of services known as AIOps, which leverage optimization and artificial intelligence algorithms to perform tasks previously handled by humans.

Humans are smart, but administering RIs in an increasingly complex cloud environment is inefficient, even with the aid of the best tracking spreadsheets and reporting tools.

Instead of providing RI recommendations for humans to execute, we actively manage RI portfolios - algorithmically and in real-time. Put your RIs on autopilot and get an autonomous savings outcome.

The ProsperOps AIOps service represented as a robot, conveying automation, with a brain, conveying intelligence.

Convertible RIs enable a complete rethink of cost optimization

Convertible RIs deliver savings while maintaining the flexibility to adapt when EC2 needs change. We see convertible RIs not as an incremental improvement but as a game changer.

With standard RIs, if EC2 requirements shift you are stuck with those financial commitments. This drives businesses to "rightsize" instances first and only then lock-in RI discounts.

Because convertible RIs can be exchanged at any time, commitments can be made based on aggregate EC2 spend, without first locking into specific instance types. This opens up an entirely new set of optimization opportunities that didn't previously exist.

A thinking human considering the flexibility of the convertible reserved instance to deliver cloud cost optimization.

When it comes to RI savings, one metric matters most

Today, most RI how-to guides focus on maximizing metrics like "RI utilization" or "RI coverage." These are useful inputs, but what really matters most is the bottom-line savings outcome you receive across your entire EC2 fleet.

Are you achieving the advertised RI discounts or something less? At ProsperOps, we're all about outcomes, so we obsess about one single metric - Effective Savings Rate™.

A gas gauge for the Effective Savings Rate showing the savings from using ProsperOps to manage RIs autonomously.