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Achieve industry-leading margins while protecting the downside

Managing the profit of your reseller business is increasingly complex given declining margins, churn risk, and increasing customer adoption of Savings Plans, RIs, and EDPs. Our founding team built one of the largest AWS MSPs so we know what it takes to improve your economics.

Maximize profitability

Actively managing an arbitrage portfolio of RIs and Savings Plans is the greatest way to improve your margin, but it's complex, never-ending work. You must continually understand end-customer commitments and optimize your portfolio against their dynamic cloud usage.

ProsperOps radically simplifies commitment planning and fully automates 24/7 execution to achieve 95+% coverage, near-perfect utilization, and the highest available discounts.

Extract every dollar possible.

Minimize risk

The risk of customer churn and Savings Plan adoption drives most resellers to hedge their arbitrage commitments, leaving significant margin on the table. Other resellers are more aggressive, but constantly risk overcommitment. How do you manage commitments for usage you don't control?

ProsperOps algorithms and advanced techniques make traditionally fixed commitments more flexible. Commitments can now dynamically scale up and down with unpredictable changes in end-customer usage, virtually elimating arbitrage risk.

Commit with confidence.

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Meet autonomous margin optimization. Don't settle for average.

Seamless transition

ProsperOps easily assumes management of any existing arbitrage portfolio.

Full telemetry

We maintain total awareness of all end-customer usage changes and commitments.

Configurable controls

You control the knobs that manage risk and govern our actions.

Advanced optimization

Algorithms determine the ideal portfolio that maximizes savings and minimizes financial lock-in.

Autonomous execution

Set it and forget it. Hands-free and real-time execution of all optimization activities.

Metrics visibility

Access to key commitment and financial KPIs to understand and track performance.

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The ProsperOps team understands the complexities of managing a hyperscale AWS MSP business that needs to increase resell margin while providing great outcomes to customers. They are world-class at using different AWS savings instruments to arbitrage dynamic environments.

Matt Bradley

Chief Executive Officer, Cloudsnap &
Former Chief Strategy Officer, Rackspace