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The cloud is incredibly powerful, but operating it cost effectively is complicated and time-consuming.

Our mission is to remove complexity and deliver savings outcomes so every business can prosper in the cloud.


Chris Cochran Chief Executive Officer

Husband. Father of two humans
and one great dane.

Erik Carlin Chief Product Officer

Husband. Father of six.
Time-starved outdoorsman.

Chris Kuehl Chief Technology Officer

Husband. Father of two.
BBQ connoisseur.

Our Story

We're a group of technologists and economics geeks who love solving problems and serving customers. Before founding ProsperOps, we started the AWS managed services business at Rackspace and grew it into one of the world's largest AWS Premier Consulting Partners and a leader in Gartner's Magic Quadrant.

From serving thousands of customers at an MSP to running a SaaS company directly, we saw firsthand the importance of cost optimization, but also how hard it was to master. Doing it well requires a rare blend of finance and engineering expertise. Over the years, we've developed extensive experience with virtually every cost optimization solution, most of which overload users with recommendations and lack context to see the complete picture. DevOps and FinOps teams are smart—but busy—and in a world of increasingly complex and dynamic cloud environments, ongoing cloud economic optimization requires an approach that unifies the technical and financial worlds.

We knew there had to be a better way—so we started ProsperOps. We build tooling and combine it with expertise to help you conquer cloud economics. We want your business to prosper in the cloud—not only by saving you money, but also by giving you time back to focus on the important things.

Austin, Texas

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