Know your RI break-even point

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Reserved Instance break-even points help you accurately weigh the benefits and risks of your RI commitments. Read more...

Your Reserved Instance metrics could be deceiving you

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Commonly used metrics like RI utilization and RI coverage don't always correlate with savings. Lower RI utilization and RI coverage could generate higher savings. Learn why tracking one simple metric will help you measure and maximze your RI savings performance. Read more...

Effective Savings Rate: The most important AWS savings metric you aren't tracking

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Managing RIs with input metrics like RI utilization and RI coverage doesn't tell the full story and can be misleading. Effective Savings Rate (ESR) is the ROI for RIs, and is the one output metric you can use to measure true RI savings performance. Read more...

Optimizing AWS cost optimization


Cost optimization is a journey. There is no silver bullet, but there is a 'no regrets' choice that can accelerate your progress. Read more...

Hello World (and happy 10th birthday to RIs)

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