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3 out of 4 customers see at least a 50% increase in savings.

ProsperOps manages over $1.7 billion in cloud spend for hundreds of organizations

What is ProsperOps

ProsperOps is an automated cost optimization software for AWS and GCP. Our platform helps customers reduce their cloud costs without any ongoing effort.

Using AI and automation, ProsperOps generates massive savings on cloud compute, database, analytics, and other services, and returns those savings to your cloud budget.

Our software helps some of the world’s most sophisticated FinOps teams save more money than they ever imagined.

Request a free Savings Analysis to quantify how much we can help you save on your cloud costs.

What is a Savings Analysis

How optimized are your cloud costs? In other words, are you getting the most ROI from your cloud discount commitments, like GCP CUDs, AWS Convertible RIs, and Savings Plans?

Find out with a fast, free Compute Savings Analysis from ProsperOps.

Learn how to optimize and reduce your cloud costs, automatically. Gain valuable insights about your current cloud spend, commitment coverage and commitment utilization. 

Visualize your historical and current spend, benchmark your Effective Savings Rate, and quantify your cloud savings potential with ProsperOps.

How It Works


1. Sign up

Sign up for a free ProsperOps account


2. Grant access

Grant least-privilege access to your cloud provider payer account in 5 minutes

3. Initiate analysis

Algorithms crunch the numbers to understand your savings potential

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4. Review

Meet with one of our FinOps Certified experts to personally review our findings

Find out how much we can help you save

Questions you can answer after a Cloud Savings Analysis

How much are you saving with CUDs, FCUDs, RIs, and Savings Plans globally?

Have you covered enough of your cloud spend with commitments, based on your tolerance for risk?

Are you taking advantage of, or missing out on the highest and best discounts?

Are your Committed Use Discounts (CUDs), Reserved Instance (RIs), and Savings Plans fully utilized?

Is using capital to pre-pay for cloud commitments a good idea?

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Request your free Cloud Savings Analysis to see how much you can save with ProsperOps

Why ProsperOps

Outcomes, not recommendations

ProsperOps automates cloud optimization tasks previously handled by humans. We do the work, you enjoy the savings.

Better results, guaranteed

The data shows our strategy and real-time AI optimization platform generate more savings with less risk.

Your savings pays our bill

The incremental savings we generate more than offsets our charge, so we put dollars back into your cloud budget.

What customers say about ProsperOps

Request a Free Savings Analysis

3 out of 4 customers see at least a 50% increase in savings.

Get a deeper understanding of your current cloud spend and savings, and find out how much more you can save with ProsperOps!

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