Our pricing model is simple and 100% aligned with saving you money (not to mention time). Our charge is a function of the savings we generate. If we can't lower your EC2 bill, you owe us nothing.

Savings Share

per dollar saved

  • You retain 82% of all savings—direct to the bottom line
  • No setup fees, monthly fees, or hidden fees


Customized pricing is available for businesses and MSPs spending more than $200K per month on EC2

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* Estimates assume no current RIs and a No Upfront Convertible RI portfolio
at a 35% one year, 50% three year, 15% on-demand split.

Pricing FAQs

  • You can signup and get an analysis of your current RI portfolio effectiveness and additional savings potential for free.

    If you choose to subscribe to ProsperOps, charges are billed on a monthly basis and your billing cycle is aligned to a calendar month. Similar to your AWS bill, ProsperOps charges will be billed in arrears at the beginning of each month based on the prior month's savings. For example, if you subscribe on July 19th, you will receive a ProsperOps bill in early August based on savings generated during the partial month of July.

    If you choose not to subscribe, you can keep ProsperOps intact to periodically reevaluate your RI performance at no cost (although we perform no RI portfolio management activities) or remove our access.

  • No. Upon subscription, we assume responsibility for all pre-existing RIs, but those already generating optimal savings are considered Unmanaged and will not be charged a Savings Share (that wouldn't be fair now would it). EC2 environments change over time and we continually re-evaluate your entire RI portfolio. If at some point changing an Unmanaged RI would result in improved savings, ProsperOps will do that, the RI would become Managed, and the Savings Share would then start to apply.

  • No. You'll be billed separately by ProsperOps but you'll also see lower EC2 costs on your AWS bill.

  • Subscriptions are monthly by default. If you are interested in a longer term plan, please contact our team.

  • So you enjoy the work of continually administering RIs? While we hope to save you money for the long term, you can cancel your subscription at any time.

For additional information, visit our detailed Pricing FAQs.