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Give your customers the easy button to save money in the cloud.

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Who should partner with ProsperOps?

A globe to represent system integrators and cloud consultants.

System Integrators & Cloud Consultants

Deliver a recurring cost optimization service that stays behind after your project ends

A browser window with a cloud to represent cloud management platform software providers.

Cloud Management Platforms

Deliver RI management with outcomes that are visible through your platform; no integration required

A cloud emitting circuitry to represent cloud managed service providers.

Cloud Managed Service Providers

Complete your services portfolio with autonomous cost optimization

A human figure emitting ideas, personified as arrows, to represent cloud resellers.

Cloud Resellers

Deliver a value-added recurring service that builds trust with your customers and requires no human interaction

How will ProsperOps benefit your customers?

Cost management is the #1 challenge for 4 out of 5 cloud customers; give them autonomous cost optimization that lowers their bill 24x7

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    Fast and easy setup - no integrations or refactoring

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    Designed for engineering and finance teams

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    Hands free - no ongoing manual administration

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    Saves money with RIs while you build or rearchitect

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    No risk to your app or infrastructure

Become a Partner

How can ProsperOps help your business?

When you partner with ProsperOps, you build trust and increase your value to clients by helping them save money in the cloud.


Increase Revenue

Refer your clients to ProsperOps and earn commissions when your client subscribes.


Differentiate Offerings

Expand your value-added offering portfolio by adding Autonomous Reserved Instance Management.


Improve Retention

Keep your clients engaged by helping them continually optimize EC2 costs and save money.