Effective Savings Rate

Effective Savings Rate (ESR) is an objective FinOps metric that measures the actual ROI of cloud discount instruments. ESR is the most important measure of success when it comes to cloud cost and rate optimization.

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About Effective Savings Rate

ESR is a metric cloud FinOps teams can use to measure their actual savings rate, or the discount they are receiving on the list price for cloud services from using commitments, like AWS Reserved Instances and Savings Plans.

How to calculate your ESR

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Cloud Savings Generated

The amount of dollars your organization saved on cloud costs. Cloud savings may be generated from rate, usage, or other cloud cost optimization strategies.

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On-demand Equivalent (ODE) Spend

The amount your organization would have paid to the cloud provider if no discounts were applied. Think of this as the list price or on-demand rate for cloud services.

Components of ESR

Typical FinOps metrics used to measure savings performance from cloud cost optimizations, like coverage and utilization, are limited. Coverage and utilization together only measure two dimensions of a multidimensional formula. ESR takes into account commitment coverage, utilization, and discount rate to provide an accurate calculation of your ROI.


The percentage of cloud resources “covered” with a discount instrument (e.g., AWS Reserved Instances and Savings Plans) in your environment.


The percentage of your discount commitments (e.g., AWS RIs, Savings Plan) being “used” to reduce the cost of your cloud resources.

Discount Rate

The percentage off the on-demand or “list price” of cloud resources you are receiving across every cloud resource in your environment.

When you calculate Effective Savings Rate, it is important to factor in all three of these components to truly understand the ROI you’re receiving from the use of discount instruments, like AWS RIs and Savings Plans.

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Effective Savings Rate (ESR) is the ROI for savings instruments and is the one output metric you can use to measure true savings performance.

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