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Cloud Cost Optimization 2.0

Despite consistent and heavy growth in cloud investments, only 15% of companies surveyed in the 2022 State of FinOps report believe their FinOps program is mature or well-optimized.

About the eBook

Most organizations are vulnerable to the cycle of cloud costs, in which teams repeatedly address short-term optimizations to achieve mediocre savings outcomes. This cycle disrupts innovation and prevents you from realizing the full value of your cloud investment.

What’s more, traditional cloud cost optimization tools simply provide recommendations, requiring manual effort to actually achieve the desired outcome (i.e., cost savings).

Cloud Cost Optimization 2.0 represents a shift forward in your approach to cloud financial management. A shift away from reactive, manual cost optimization tools to automated, intelligent platforms.

Download this ebook and discover how to:

  • Free your organization from the cycle of cloud costs
  • Gain visibility into drivers for cost anomalies and overruns
  • Add context to cost data to enable smarter architecture decisions
  • Automatically achieve consistently higher savings outcomes

Learn to advance your organization’s FinOps culture, how AI and automation can help you achieve optimal outcomes, and the one unifying metric that empowers every stakeholder: Effective Savings Rate.



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