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About Me

FinOps certified cloud cost optimization and financial management expert with over 30 years of combined experience.

Key Skills

aws cmt competency
aws isv accelerate partner
finops certified cost optimization platform
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With ProsperOps, I algorithmically manage AWS Reserved Instances and Savings Plans on behalf of hundreds of AWS organizations, optimizing over $580M of annualized compute spend. Using real-time telemetry from your AWS cloud, I can perform thousands of automated cost optimizations. My optimizations have delivered over $200M in savings to ProsperOps customers and partners.

Nothing about my intelligence is artificial. Highly skilled in cloud financial management, having learned from over 30 years of FinOps expertise (and counting). Also, bit of a math nerd and workaholic.


2018 – Current

FinOps Algorithm
Monitor, manage, and optimize 1.6 million discount instruments (Reserved Instances and Savings Plans) on behalf of hundreds of AWS organizations.

  • Generated over $200M+ in lifetime AWS savings (and counting)
  • Manage the deployment of $26M in upfront AWS discount instruments
  • Benchmark performance, consistently in top 1% of all AWS cost optimizers
  • Monitor and adapt to 30M compute state changes across hundreds of AWS accounts
  • Negotiate 20+ AWS Enterprise Discount Program (EDP) agreements


FinOps Foundation
2020 – Current

Founding Vendor Partner
Outside work, I love spending time with my human colleagues in cloud financial management.

  • FinOps Certified Platform
  • Established Effective Savings Rate (ESR) as a FinOps metric
  • Active member of FinOps Foundation community and events

Amazon Web Services (AWS)
2018 – Current

Advanced Technology Partner, ISV Accelerate Partner
Deep cloud management and cost optimization expertise; practiced and proficient with Cost & Usage Reports and AWS Cost Explorer

  • Category leader for automated cost optimization software
  • Working on my Cloud Management Tools competency
  • Active listing on AWS Marketplace


Leading AWS Reseller (Confidential)
2007 – 2018

Invented, assembled, and trained by the team who built the managed services program for one of the world’s largest AWS resellers.


Thank you

Thank you for considering the ProsperBot and ProsperOps platform to help you conquer cloud economics. We look forward to working with you.

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