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Photography, Audio, and Video Release

I agree that ProsperOps, Inc. (“ProsperOps”) may use and distribute the Content described in this Photography, Audio, and Video Release in whole or in part in all media worldwide for ProsperOps marketing and promotional purposes, including by means of its distributors and agents.

The “Content” is:

  • my appearance in ProsperOps’ podcast;
  • my speech or other interaction at a ProsperOps’ sponsored event (in a virtual or physical space); and
  • text, images, recordings, or other works or content that provide to ProsperOps.

This Release is intended to be a broad release covering images (video, photographs, other still or moving images), sound recordings, name, likeness, works of authorship, and any other information or material for which a legal protection would restrict use in the absence of this Release.

Specifically, but without limitation ProsperOps may use the Content as part of interactive media, podcasts including but not limited to the Faces in Finops podcast, YouTube, the Internet, social media (such as LinkedIn), press releases and traditional news media such as newspapers, radio and television, whitepapers and other informational content, and media available now and any available in the future, and all types of worldwide advertising.

ProsperOps may combine the Content with other content created by ProsperOps or contributed by others and may modify the format of the Content as appropriate to the media in which it is published.

I waive any right of compensation arising or related to the ownership or use of the Content. I hereby represent and warrant that I have the right to permit use of the Content as stated in this Release, including without limitation during any photography, audio, and/or video recordings.

Additionally, I understand that any material posted on the Internet is accessible to anyone with Internet access and ProsperOps cannot guarantee privacy or control access to its website or other forum where it may publish the Content.

I hereby release and discharge ProsperOps and its affiliates from any and all claims, causes of action and demands arising out of or in connection with the use of my name, photographic images, pictures, likeness, voice and video recordings, including without limitation, claims for defamation, misappropriation, infringement, libel, invasion of privacy, violation of moral rights, or violation of publicity.

This Release shall also inure to the benefit of the successors-in-interest, legal representatives, licensees, and assigns of ProsperOps, as well as any other person(s) for whom the Content is provided.

Unless otherwise agreed in advance, I hereby waive any right to inspect or approve finished photography, audio, and/or video recordings and subsequent materials that may be used or to the eventual use that might be applied. Without ProsperOps’ prior written permission, I do not have the right to use a copy of the photography, audio, and/or video recording or any part thereof.

I certify that I have the legal right and authority to accept this Release on behalf of myself and any organization that may have an interest in the Content as my employer or otherwise.

Last updated November 2023.

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