Cloudy things to do in Austin during SXSW

Ross Clurman

Ross Clurman

Head of Product Marketing
cloudy things to do sxsw

There’s plenty to do at SXSW—and in Austin, in general—but in the event you are obsessed with or interested in cloud and AI, we’ve summarized a few of the activities you may consider for your shortlist.

Capital Factory, which bills itself as the ‘Center of Gravity for Entrepreneurs in Texas’ delivers some great programming to complement SXSW. You can register for Capital Factory House at SXSW 2022, which includes several days of theme based content— Saturday for Data & AI, Sunday for Robotics, Monday for Health—all in the heart of downtown. If you can make it, you’ll find ProsperOps folks at both the ZenBusiness Startup Crawl on Friday afternoon and at Capital Factory House on Saturday.

If you hurry, you can also apply for Capital Factory SXSW House Backstage with AWS. With Backstage, you’ll get a chance to meet and make connections with entrepreneurs and executives, receive access to Capital Factory conference rooms and workspaces, and receive VIP access to the SXSW Startup Crawl on March 11. AWS is also hosting an event called Cloud Session: To the Stars, Through the Cloud to cover the emerging space industry.

One SXSW presentation that looks interesting is among this year’s featured sessions: Machine or Human? The Ethics Behind Smarter AI. AI is a powerful tool, and with great power comes great responsibility; it will be interesting to hear what these experts have to say about human-centric AI, how to build emotional intelligence into machines, and the opportunities and risks that arise when we make computers smarter.

Some other interesting events that also ground tech in the humanities include a talk on how open AI models enable artists to innovate, using AI to eliminate language bias, and explaining AI when there’s no time for explanations, like when an algorithm detects out-of-hospital cardiac arrest and doctors need to act immediately.

If you’re looking for a more tech-forward presentation or workshop, you’ll find plenty of cool options. One event promises to show you how to build a cloud-connected AR/VR app in 15-min or less, but keep in mind, this event requires pre-registration. Other must-sees include a presentation on how the Department of Defense went cloud-native and a proposal for a new Turing test.

Finally, if you’re maxed out on content and want to enjoy some music, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Cloudreach are hosting a private showcase at Stubbs with Yellowbrick Data and Deepwatch. The bands Mo Lowda and the Humble will be performing. For more info, reach out to us via chat so we can connect you with Cloudreach’s AWS partner manager. (This event is not open to the public.)

Regardless, have a wonderful time in Austin…enjoy your fill of delicious central Texas BBQ, meet some new folks, and—fingers-crossed—the weather stays nice! Reach out to ProsperOps to book a meeting while you’re here, or just say hi!






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