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Faces in FinOps Podcast: Episode 13 with Savanna Jensen

Originally Published November, 2023 · Last Updated April, 2024
“Faces in FinOps” is hosted by Jon Myer and powered by ProsperOps.

Savanna Jensen is our special guest this week. She’s a seasoned Sr. FinOps Success Manager on the OPTICS team at AWS, and provides dedicated account support for Enterprise AWS customers. We’re so happy she shares her valuable insights into the growth, challenges, and opportunities she sees every day in the field of cloud financial management.

As with our other interviews we begin with the evolution of FinOps, it’s operational challenges, and Savanna’s experiences as she fine-tuned her financial management strategies.

Later in the episode, we hear how Savanna’s role has evolved, and how she helps customers navigate their FinOps journeys, from optimizing costs to instilling a culture of financial accountability.

Don’t miss this special conversation to hear Savanna’s journey in FinOps and how she’s making an impact within AWS and the broader FinOps community.

Whether you are new to #FinOps or a seasoned pro, this episode has something for everyone so tune in to the Faces in FinOps Podcast today.

Each episode of the Faces in FinOps is a conversation with leading thought leaders in the cloud financial management space.


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