How it works

Autonomous Reserved Instance Management means we do the work and you enjoy the savings.

1 Grant us least privilege access to your AWS account(s)

  • We never have access to login to or manipulate your EC2 instances or see your app data
  • No EC2 Linux or Windows agents required
  • We provide personalized AWS CLI, CloudFormation, and Terraform scripts to make IAM setup easy
A badge with a gold shield check mark representing ProsperOps’ least privilege access to the customer’s AWS environment.

2 See your EC2 savings opportunities for free

  • We analyze your environment and look for RI savings opportunities
  • We tell you your current savings rate and how much we can additionally save you, but take no action until you tell us
  • If your spend is optimized, just leave us on in the background and we'll periodically check for savings opportunities at no cost - your free RI advisor.
A magnifying glass uncovering savings dollars as part of ProsperOps’ free Reserved Instance savings analysis.

3 Once you are ready, turn us on

  • Give us the go ahead and we'll begin actively managing your RI portfolio
  • We can take over management of all existing RIs
  • Our service is month-to-month so you're not locked in long-term
A human hand turning on a switch that represents ProsperOps taking over reserved instance management duties.

4 Software does the work, but you're always in control

  • You define the limits which drive our automation; change those limits at any time and our algorithms adjust
  • Start small to test us out and scale up when you want to really save
  • RI actions and savings outcomes are also visible via the AWS Console and APIs - no black boxes
The ProsperOps automation, personified as a robot, working inside a customer defined boundary to optimize AWS costs with RIs.

5 Check-in as often or as little as you want

  • We manage your RI portfolio month after month, making renewals and dynamically adapting your RI portfolio to match any EC2 changes; no effort from you is required
  • Visit the ProsperOps Console any time to make adjustments, view savings reports, or see a timeline of RI actions taken
  • We'll send you a monthly report with key savings information so you can track progress and share it with others
A reclined human giving a 'thumbs up' to the ProsperOps automation, personified as a robot, for delivering savings with RIs.