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Aligning Finance and IT for Better FinOps Outcomes

Improving collaboration between finance, accounting, and engineering teams to enable mutual success

Hyperscalers like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) make it effortless to lease cloud services. Any engineer with a credit card can purchase and use cloud resources for computing, data transfer and storage, AI and machine learning, and more.

One of the toughest challenges with cloud services is the complexity involved in how you pay. Without adequate visibility into cloud costs, expenses can quickly get out of control. FinOps teams are charged with tackling this problem head-on. Unfortunately, most cloud financial management responsibilities fall to engineering and technical leaders, not finance or accounting personnel.

When technical teams are responsible for cloud finances, it helps to align your FinOps program around a shared lexicon, collaborative reporting, and the right people and processes. As your FinOps team matures, technology and automation can be embedded to streamline and simplify cloud financial management, allowing engineers to focus on building in the cloud, not buying commitments.

Join Rich Hoyer, co-founder of FinOptik, Joe Mastroianni, Director of Cloud Governance at Trimble, and Charlie Flynn, Founder of Tech Outlook, Ex-CFO of Global Technology at JPMorgan Chase & Co. and Ex-Finance Director, FP&A at AWS for an enlightening conversation and learn how to bridge the gap between cloud engineering and cloud financial management for better FinOps outcomes.

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Rich Hoyer

Co-founder & CEO, FinOptik


Joe Mastroianni

Director, Cloud Governance/Distinguished Engineer, Trimble Inc.


Charlie Flynn

Founder - Tech Outlook LLC / Ex-CFO, Global Technology - JPMorgan Chase & Co. / Ex-Finance Director, FP&A - AWS


Joe Henderson




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