Webinar Replay: Cloud Cost Optimization 2.0

CCO 2.0: How Cloud Cost Optimization has evolved with CloudZero and ProsperOps

Join the founder and CTO of CloudZero, Erik Peterson, and co-founder and Chief Product Officer of ProsperOps, Erik Carlin, as they discuss the evolution of cloud cost optimization.
Learn how to advance your cost optimization practices with automation and intelligence, which combined with your FinOps program will deliver better business outcomes. Welcome to Cloud Cost Optimization 2.0.
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As organizations began shifting from on-prem to cloud computing, cost optimization was born. But, while cloud engineering and infrastructure best practices have progressed, cloud cost optimization as a discipline has not.
With AI and automation becoming more prevalent, forward-thinking organizations are adopting new cost optimization techniques that move beyond traditional to a more automated, intelligent approach that delivers better business outcomes.
Join Erik Peterson and Erik Carlin for a lively conversation about the evolution of cloud cost optimization and how to position your organization for success. Welcome to Cloud Cost Optimization 2.0.
During this webinar, you’ll:
  • Learn how to leverage automation to save money and reduce time spent managing your cloud spend
  • Establish a proactive culture around cloud cost monitoring, management, and optimization
  • Implement the latest best practices for cloud cost optimization and management
  • Leverage cloud cost intelligence to make more informed business decisions
Welcome to the future of cloud cost optimization. Submit the form on this page to watch our co-hosted webinar with CloudZero, Cloud Cost Optimization 2.0.

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