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Introducing Advanced Cyclical Optimization: Automatically Increase Compute Savings on Cyclical Cloud Workloads


A few weeks ago I published an educational blog on how to maximize Reserved Instance and Savings Plan savings when workload patterns are cyclical. Today, I’m excited to announce the ProsperOps platform has added Advanced Cyclical Optimization Support, which fully implements the concepts described in that blog post.

Autonomous, Optimized Coverage for Cyclical Workloads

Prior to today, ProsperOps had limited support for cyclical workload patterns, and our ability to cover “above the cycle trough” was basic. With this launch, our platform now performs extensive, detailed time-series analysis of usage patterns to learn and deconstruct them into seasonality, trend, residual, etc. components. From that data decomposition, our platform is able to precisely understand cyclical patterns and optimize coverage against them.

Enables Higher Effective Savings Rates (ESR)

Our mission is to autonomously maximize cloud savings for our customers and this feature is yet another way our platform implements sophisticated and advanced techniques to deliver Effective Savings Rates (ESR) beyond DIY or what our competitors can achieve. If you have cyclical usage patterns and your current approach to commitment-based discount management seeks to maximize utilization rate and only cover at the cycle trough, you are leaving savings on the table that our platform can now extract for you.

Most existing ProsperOps customers with cyclical workloads will see an immediate increase in savings as a result of this launch. When Advanced Cyclical Optimization Support is in effect, customers will see the following indicator next to their Reserved Instance utilization rate in the ProsperOps Console:

advanced cyclical optimization feature
ProsperOps Console: Advanced Cyclical Optimization Support is On

Maximizes Savings Instead of Utilization Rate

In the aforementioned educational blog post, we discuss how the goal of commitment-based discounts is to maximize savings and ESR—not utilization rate. With cyclical workloads, it’s actually necessary to reduce the utilization rate in order to increase savings. This is what the ProsperOps platform is now doing when it detects cyclical workload patterns. While utilization rates may be less than the 99+%, our platform typically delivers for non-cyclical environments, this is purposeful and to be expected as it’s generating more savings and a higher ESR.

This capability is increasingly critical as we are seeing more and more cyclical usage patterns as customers adopt autoscaling, instance scheduling, containers, etc. Volatility and cyclicality are only going to increase with time, and Advanced Cyclical Optimization Support ensures our customers are saving every dollar possible.

This capability is available for all customers starting today at no additional cost. It is automatically enabled and requires no setup or configuration. Here’s to more cloud savings! 💰📈

Prosper On! 🖖

Erik and the ProsperOps Team



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