AWS bill out of control?

AWS spend grows unless checked. Engineering teams are smart but busy building (as they should be). You need a trusted FinOps partner who can deliver pragmatic savings outcomes.


EC2 Savings Analysis

Receive a fast, free, and automated analysis that quantifies the effectiveness of your EC2 savings strategy. You'll know exactly what you've saved, lost, and could gain.

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Autonomous Discount Management™

Let ProsperOps programmatically optimize your AWS compute RIs and Savings Plans. Advanced algorithms blend multiple discount instruments to maximize savings and minimize commitment term.

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AWS Cost Savings Action Plan

Need a cloud economics PhD to uncover and prioritize your most impactful optimization opportunities? We'll provide tailored and actionable findings and help with follow through.

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Free EC2 savings analysis

How much are you actually saving with RIs and Savings Plans? Have you covered enough of your spend? Are you missing out on deeper discounts? Learn the upside of combining fully optimized RIs and Savings Plans, including:

  • Historical dollars saved and Effective Savings Rate™
  • The cost of lost savings from suboptimized RIs
  • Opportunities for advanced strategies to further increase savings

Know your EC2 savings potential.

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Autonomous Discount Management

The ease of use of Savings Plans blended with the control of Convertible RIs, all in a fully automated service. Maximum savings with flexible commitment terms.

Seamless transition

ProsperOps easily assumes management of your existing RIs and Savings Plans.

Simplified planning

Unified planning for RIs and Savings Plans that maximizes ROI.

Configurable controls

User-defined constraints govern our actions. You're in control.

Advanced optimization

Algorithms determine the ideal portfolio that maximizes savings and limits commitment risk.

Fully autonomous

Active and real-time execution of RIs and Savings Plans.

Metrics dashboard

Savings and commitment term visibility to understand and track progress.

AWS Cost Savings Action Plan

Given our experience, customers kept asking for broad cost optimization guidance, so we built an offer to deconstruct your entire AWS bill and prioritize the most impactful actions to cut wasted spend:

  • Maximizing the use of RIs and Savings Plans
  • Turning off unused resources
  • Using the right storage type and class
  • Rightsizing instances
  • Optimizing data transfer
  • Auto-scaling opportunities
  • Leveraging spot
  • Consolidating accounts and regions

Let's lower your AWS bill now.

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ProsperOps has gone out of their way to understand our business and work to find the best solutions for us and not simply the most profitable ones for themselves. I would enthusiastically recommend their service to anyone looking at a large AWS investment.

David Stanley

Engineering Leader