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B2B SaaS platform for building and hosting websites with a dynamic, high-growth AWS environment


Using ProsperOps, Webflow maintains near perfect utilization (over 99%) across their discount portfolio, consisting of AWS Reserved Instances and Savings Plans. Webflow holds a steady Effective Savings Rate (ESR) with ProsperOps’ automated cost optimization software reducing wasted spend in the face of extreme volatility.


Webflow found it difficult to maintain an optimized AWS RI portfolio, especially with the dynamic nature of their workloads. It was nearly impossible to predict and cover usage during a recent migrating from legacy architecture to a kubernetes container architecture, because EC2 instance types and counts were constantly shifting.


Leverage the ProsperOps AI-powered cloud cost optimization software for AWS to gain visibility into historical and current compute costs, projected spend, and potential savings. Our platform autonomously manages and optimizes their RI portfolio to yield material savings, eliminate manual RI management, and streamline cloud financial management.


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