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Discover how ProsperOps helped a global media company’s FinOps team increase their Effective Savings Rate by over 50% within six months of adoption.


Despite a mature cost optimization program, use of Reserved Instances (RIs), and support from a third-party RI commitment broker, the company was only achieving a 26% ESR (85th percentile) for its $17 million per month AWS compute spend.

Hourly infrastructure volatility, manual optimization and a process hinging on verification between the broker and engineering created inefficiency. The customer experienced inadequate coverage, discount management and overcommitment.

As a result of these inefficiencies, the customer failed to realize nearly $3 million in potential savings.


Download this ProsperOps case study to learn how our autonomous cloud cost optimization software helped the company reduce risk, eliminate manual cost optimization tasks, and increase their Effective Savings Rate — realizing more than $6 million of incremental cloud savings within six months.

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