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Coinbase Chooses ProsperOps for Autonomous AWS Optimization

With expiring one-year standard Reserved Instances (RIs) with AWS, Coinbase wanted to optimize its discount rate while managing risk and maintaining flexibility and optionality


Cryptocurrency company Coinbase needed a solution to maximize its cloud spend discount rate while freeing up time for employees to focus on strategic FinOps work.  


The FinOps team no longer has to manually complete conversions or think about RIs, Savings Plans (SPs), and complex math problems for rate optimization. Now the team curates FinOps for Coinbase and spends time on long-term strategies and higher-priority initiatives. They work on everything that can’t be automated—like budgeting and forecasting, building a culture of cost sustainability, and deploying unit economics. Coinbase invests the money saved into other business areas.

Download this case study to see why Coinbase chose ProsperOps, and how they proved a positive ROI from working together.

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