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B2B SaaS payments platform with growing Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) spend


With ProsperOps, Chargify has automated and matured their cloud cost optimization strategy, eliminating wasted spend and continuing to see gains in their Effective Savings Rate, making a 40% improvement in the twelve months leading up to April, 2022.


Chargify formerly held engineering responsible for their AWS savings commitments. Each week, the cloud financial management process required hours of work. Using scripts and spreadsheets DevOps would manually build and manage a Reserved Instance savings strategy. This resource-intensive process led to wasted cloud spend, put strain on DevOps resources, and generated suboptimal outcomes.


Leverage the ProsperOps platform to gain real-time visibility into cloud compute usage and volatility patterns; automate cost optimization for AWS and streamline cloud financial management.

Align and optimize their commitment portfolio with ProsperOps machine learning algorithms, and automate cost optimizations to replace the weekly burden on DevOps—eliminating the need to manually manage their RIs and Savings Plans.


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