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Learn how CloudZero and ProsperOps help Drift make cost-informed engineering decisions, reduce resource usage, and automate the management of their discount commitments, reducing overall cloud costs and returning millions in savings to their AWS budget.


Prior to working with CloudZero and ProsperOps, Drift’s finance and engineering teams were using their own methods for tracking, understanding, and managing their AWS bill and cost optimization performance. But, they were still unable to achieve optimal savings outcomes.

First, Drift needed visibility into cost and usage trends, and a way to identify the source of cost drivers, but manual reporting and management made this difficult. Additionally, Drift lacked sufficient cloud cost optimization tools.

At the time, their tooling only provided guidance for cost optimizations, requiring Drift’s engineering team to execute actions against the recommendations. As a result, Drift was consistently unable to extract the maximum value from their cloud computing investment.


Download this case study to discover how CloudZero and ProsperOps work together to increase visibility into cloud costs and savings, better align engineering and finance teams, and maximize cloud cost savings, returning millions to Drift’s AWS budget.

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