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Faces in FinOps Podcast: Episode 6 with Alee Whitman

Originally Published September, 2023 · Last Updated April, 2024
“Faces in FinOps” is hosted by Jon Myer and powered by ProsperOps.

Episode 6 of the Faces in FinOps podcast features Alee Whitman, a Sr. Staff Cloud Engineer at a Fortune 500 media and entertainment company.

Alee has had a fascinating journey in FinOps, from being a consultant to co-creating the Cloud Intelligent dashboards, also known as CUDOS, and now serving as a practitioner and customer. Alee shares her insights and experiences, emphasizing the importance of keeping an open mind and embracing opportunities in the cloud space.

In this conversation, we’ll explore Alee’s professional journey, her role as a senior staff product engineer, and her organization’s evolving FinOps function. She highlights the significance of collaboration and the hub-and-spoke model in managing FinOps across diverse business segments. Alee also discusses the maturity level of her organization, the role of automation, and the challenges of balancing automation between internal team tasks and customer-focused automation.

Alee’s perspective on transparency, leadership support, and meeting teams at their varying levels of maturity offers valuable insights for FinOps practitioners. She discusses the concept of “walk faster” within a mature organization, the importance of maintaining flexibility in standards, and the necessity of adapting to new teams and acquisitions. Finally, we explore Alee’s presentation at FinOps X on the topic of “Savings vs. Spend Reduction,” where she shares her experience of defining key terms and improving communication with finance teams.

Join us for an insightful conversation that will leave you with valuable insights and a deeper understanding of the ever-evolving landscape of cloud financial management. Whether you’re new to #FinOps or a seasoned pro, this episode has something for everyone.

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