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Faces in FinOps Podcast: Episode 8 with Mike Julian

“Faces in FinOps” is hosted by Jon Myer and powered by ProsperOps.

In this week’s special episode of the Faces in FinOps Podcast, we explore the unique world of FinOps with Mike Julian, CEO and Co-founder of The Duckbill Group. Mike graciously shares his wealth of knowledge in cloud cost management, consistently fine-tuning AWS expenses.

As the leader of The Duckbill Group, Mike champions the significance of strategic architectural choices over traditional cost-saving methods like Reserved Instances and Savings Plans. Their unique approach is rooted in comprehending and shaping costs at the architectural level, and has yielded remarkable outcomes, including negotiating contracts worth over $4 billion for their clients.

Mike then delves into the evolution of FinOps maturity within organizations, emphasizing it is not always a linear path, and in fact, it adapts to an organization’s growth and evolving priorities. They also touch on the common mistakes mature FinOps teams make, such as adopting a gatekeeping posture and the challenge of educating engineering teams about cost-saving options.

In the spirit of recognizing the unsung heroes of FinOps, Mike gives a shout-out to the countless practitioners working behind the scenes, making incredible strides in optimizing cloud costs within their organizations, even if they can’t always be in the public eye. Join us for this insightful conversation with Mike Julian, where we explore the dynamic landscape of FinOps and cloud cost management.

Whether you are new to #FinOps or a seasoned pro, this episode has something for everyone. Tune in to “The Faces In FinOps Podcast” now!

Each episode of Faces of FinOps is a conversation with leading thought leaders in the cloud financial management space.


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