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Faces in FinOps Podcast: Episode 11 with Wade Piehl

“Faces in FinOps” is hosted by Jon Myer and powered by ProsperOps.

This week’s special guest is Wade Piehl, a seasoned Sr. FinOps Success Manager at AWS. Wade shares the distinctions between FinOps and Cloud Financial Management (CFM), based on his six-year journey of helping AWS clients fine-tune their cloud finances.

Wade’s insights go beyond FinOps, as he reminisces on his earlier days at Boeing, delving into the fascinating nexus between engineering and finance. He also shares how his previous role at Boeing parallels his current obligations at AWS, an era before the term “FinOps” even became a household name in the tech industry.

Later in the episode, the focus shifts to the mission of the AWS OPTICS team. Wade speaks passionately about their dedication to fostering robust customer relationships and ensuring they provide the most cost-effective cloud solutions.

Don’t miss out on another probing and insightful conversation.

Whether you are new to #FinOps or a seasoned pro, this episode has something for everyone. Tune in to “The Faces In FinOps Podcast” now!

Each episode of Faces of FinOps is a conversation with leading thought leaders in the cloud financial management space.


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