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ProsperOps now supports Google Identity

Erik Carlin   Erik Carlin, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer

ProsperOps now supports Google as an identity provider. Rather than maintain a separate ProsperOps user and password, businesses who use Google for their corporate identities can now use those credentials when logging in to the ProsperOps Console.

Whatever security has been configured on the Google account will now apply to ProsperOps access. For example, if 2-Step Verification has been enabled or if you are using Titan Security Keys (we use these at ProsperOps), your ProsperOps access will be protected accordingly.

Current customers can log in to their existing accounts with Google provided their ProsperOps user (i.e. email address) matches their Google identity. Simply click the "Log in with Google" button rather than entering your email address and password.

There are no changes for existing customers who don't use Google as an identity provider. New customers who sign up have the option of using either Google credentials or creating a new ProsperOps user and password.

These changes also lay the foundation for supporting additional enterprise identity providers in the future (e.g. SAML). If you have any questions, please reach out to us at


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